Pool Covers


To help maintain your pool we can supply you with a pool cover. Swimming pool covers save water, energy and chemicals, providing an affordable and simple way to extend your swimming pool season and reducing your pool cleaning time. There are three main types of cover. A thermal / Summer cover, a Winter / debris cover or an Automatic cover. Alternatively we also supply custom built rigid covers.

All of our covers are made to measure, custom made to the exact size of your pool. Beware of lesser quality covers that are “Cut to Fit”.

Thermal / Summer Cover

Our thermal covers are produced using the new Geobubble technology.

GeoBubble is scientifically designed specifically for use in a harsh swimming pool environment, and sets a new quality benchmark for all other swimming pool bubble cover materials.

Scientifically designed to be more resistant to chemical and UV attack for longer than a traditional shape bubble cover, and as a result GeoBubble’s expected lifespan will increase.

IMG_0453 (1)

Winter / Debris Covers

Winter / debris covers overlap the edge of your pool and are fastened down to the copping stones. This type of cover is used when the pool is not in use.

It will preserve the water for the following season and keep debris out.


Automatic covers 

If you would prefer an automatic cover we now work with the main manufacturer in Europe. We can supply you with a custom made fully automated cover. Various options are available. The roller and mechanism can be located on the side of the pool, alternatively the roller can be sited in the water, hidden from view when not in use. Any shape or style of pool can be accommodated.

IMG_0487IMG_0488Rigid / fixed cover

We also supply rigid covers to house the whole of the pool. The advantage of these is that you can use your pool whatever the weather. We have various types & styles available.


Prices for the above model for an 8 x 4 pool €10,700 (includes installation, not IVA)