Schedule an onsite consultation with our design team who can design your swimming pool to meet your personal hopes and dreams. Whether you need a lap pool for serious training or a more relaxing pool for holidays with family and friends. We have the solution for you.
We use proven building methods to construct your pool. There are 2 main methods of pool construction, the first Gunite / Shotcrete and the second Poured concrete.
Custom high specification swimming pools
This method involves the laying of a base to work from, the building of the outside walls (to give the shape of the pool), then a steel reinforcing cage is installed over the walls and base. The pipe work and cables are put in place and the concrete is then sprayed onto the steel cage to form a layer of concrete 150mm thick on the walls and the base, the copping stones are layed, the finishing layer is then applied (usually Mosaic tiles) finally the filtration equipment is installed.
Poured concrete
This method involves the erecting of a steel reinforced cage to the desired shape and size of the pool, the base is then cast from concrete, the steel is then erected for the walls, then wooden stuttering is used to form a mould for the pool walls, the concrete is then poured to form the walls, the copping and finish is then applied to give a finished pool.

Pools can be built in ground or above ground and have varying costs. Please contact us for further details.